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First Time Buyers, Buying Fine Art limited edition Etchings, Prints or Giclee digital reproduction prints, or original paintings, hand signed by the artist, or facsimile etchings where the signature is printed, or art prints embossed with the copyright logo, If your just starting your Art Collection or this is your first time buying Fine Art let us know, we will help you for free the best we can to start you in the right direction with a strategy for the long term that has worked for us for over 30 years, Etching House is a love a passion for art………..not just a business.

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Etching House can arrange for a courier service Door to Door anywhere in Australia and Internationally, Etching House ship Framed and UN-Framed fine art etchings, facsimile etchings, Giclee prints and digital reproductions, paintings and decorative prints, to Sydney New South Wales, Canberra ACT, Melbourne Victoria, Brisbane Queensland, Adelaide South Australia, Perth Western Australia, Tasmania, Darwin Northern Territory. Framing, Etching House can arrange for framing of Artworks subject to conditions.

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Certificates of Authenticity – All works sold by Etching House come with Certificates of Authenticity upon request.

Handling of unframed high quality fine art work – NOTE, Please note handling of unframed high quality fine art work is not recommended other than by a qualified professional framing archival service, the wearing of white cotton gloves is critical, work is checked twice and in cases scanned for quality assurance prior to being packed and shipped, please read care information

TERMS and CONDITIONS – Please refer to the Etching House terms and Conditions contained within this web site before proceeding with your purchase.

Etching House since 1977 has specialized in Australian Limited Edition Fine Art Etchings Engraving, Fine Art Prints, Fine Art Limited edition Digital Reproduction prints, paintings in Oil or water colour and Gouache and a variety and works on paper by Australian iconic artists such as – Garry Shead , Norman Lindsay, John Olsen, Jeffrey Smart, David Bromley, David Boyd, Charles Blackman, Tim Storrier, Jason Benjamin, Margaret Olley, as well as  Robert Dickerson, Ray Crooke, Brett Whiteley, Hugh Sawrey, Pro Hart, Michael Leunig, Judit Shead, Arthur Boyd, along with a variety of other fine Australian artists like Jasper Knight, Frank Hodgkinson, Melissa Egan, Timothy Maguire, Kasey Sealy, Peter Griffen  with his fine Abstract Art, plus works by Fred Cress to mention a few.

Max Miller Winner of the Wynne Prize 2015: Trustees’ Water colour Prize 2015 – Max Miller’s Fine art brush water colour painting Titled ‘The world of dew is only the world of dew and yet…oh…and yet…’ Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828)

Medium – brush water colour painting and black Chinese ink Dimensions 66 x 140 cm.

Garry Shead  new release, three new Tango series original handmade aquatint etchings 19x13cm edition 50 only, Hand signed, Coloured Tango V, Tango V1, Tango V11 or also known as Tango 5, Tango 6, Tango 7. The Tango etching series is also available in Mono – Black and White Aquatints.

Jasper Knight Jasper Knight releases 3 hand signed limited edition fine art silkscreen prints titled Grey Ghost, Red Stripe, 110, all these fine art Jasper Knight prints are available at Etching House, New Collagraph Title “Enter Only” Limited edition Silkscreen 25 only.

Garry Shead Original Etchings FROM $660 (Blue Chip) Best buy for collectors, hand signed limited edition aquatint etchings at Etching House Sydney and Melbourne affordable Art Show.

Norman Lindsay limited edition Facsimile Etchings FROM $230, Etching House handles one of the largest range of Norman Lindsay Facsimile etchings available in Australia.

Affordable new Etching prints from Etching House. News, up to 100 plus Facsimile Etching Print works by Norman Lindsay available through Etching House. Norman Lindsay is a master of creating timeless Oil paintings, Water colour paintings, Etchings, Publications, Books, Folio’s, Post cards, Norman Lindsay Original Art by Norman Lindsay from Etching House.

John Olsen over 52 different WORKS available from Etching House, Original hand signed Etchings, Limited edition hand signed and some digitally signed Giclee reproductions of the original paintings by John Olsen are available, some titles are – Anticipation, Mt Kenya, Waiting, Popping Blue Bottles, The Sydney Sun, Frog and Fly, Jacanas the Christ Bird, Little River, Waterbirds just to mention a few, October 2012 saw the release of the Giclee print titled Monkey and Giraffe also available from Etching House, Original John Olsen etchings titled Jump, Jump II, Dancing Frog 2017 edition 20 only, Frog Pond 2017 edition 20 only, available at Etching House, plus many more.

Affordable fine artworks by Australian artist John Olsen for sale from Etching House. John Olsen large size Sydney Sun edition is now finished at Etching House Sydney and Melbourne. Opening Night of the Etching House affordable Art show Melbourne sees the last of the Sydney Sun Large size now no longer available, Sydney Sun have been one of the most popular Giclee re production hand signed fine art Giclee prints, the edition of 250 is now sold out. Sydney Sun is available from Etching House only in Extra-large size but is limited and ending soon.

Etching House has available Original fine art limited edition Etchings and fine art Digital Giclee prints by John Olsen.  Etching House specializes in John Olsen art and has since 1977. Lay Buy John Olsen art up to 12 months at Etching House on 20% deposit.

Jeffrey Smart, over 100 affordable fine art reproduction artworks limited in edition, and now open editions….. reproduction art by Jeffrey Smart, Etching House sells and collects limited edition fine art etchings and reproduction prints by Jeffrey Smart as well as many other Australian Artists, each original etching, lithograph or works on paper is signed by Jeffrey Smart, fine art limited edition Giclee digital reproduction prints are digitally signed, the signature is printed, see the Etching House website Jeffrey Smart gallery on this web site, some of the titles are – Guiding Spheres11 (Homage to Cezanne), The oil Drums, Container train in the Landscape, The Dome, Cahill Expressway, The Ascent, Reflected Arrows, limited stock available at Etching House. A number of open edition framed works are coming and at an affordable price.

LEUNIG,  Michael Leunig collection of 12 works At Etching House, Michael Leunig 12 original etching engraving fine art prints, hand signed, the titles of these exciting new limited edition fine art prints all hand made from etching plates and are available at Etching House till sold out, titles  are as follows – Composer at work – in Yellow Green, Friends – in Pink colour, Happy day – made in Apricot Brown, Safe journey – made in Grey, Sweet mischief 1 – made in Yellow golden, Sweet mischief 2 – Grey Purple, Voice in the wilderness – in Blue Grey.  Each etching is titled hand signed, numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity, all Micheal Leunig works are available at Etching House, Lay Buys welcome on 10% deposit, see our terms and conditions. Michael Leuing October 2017 has released 6 additional handmade etchings titled, etching prints are Jonah and the Whale 2, Escapade at Night, Fanfare, Fanfare 2, Happy Outcome, Sketch for Spring, Sketch for Spring 2, all are hand signed.

Charles Blackman, Fine art etching and prints from Etching House, Butterfly etching series 1991 collection, Complete Blackman silkscreen series titled Girls and Flower, Charles Blackman silkscreen Garden Series, the famous Alice folio silkscreen series are all hand signed and numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.
Recent addition to Charles Blackman print works on paper has been a new medium of Giclee digital archival prints made from the original Charles Blackman paintings by the estate, a selected number of these print works also come in a Canvas versions made on archival material and are hand signed by Charles Blackman, Alice in Wonderland with an image size of 120 x 106 cm, Feet Beneath the Table, image size of 106 x 120 cm, Alice Dreaming, image size of 90 x 133 cm, The Meeting, image size of 120 x 120 cm, These Canvas prints are hand signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Just released May 2018, the new Charles Blackman Master Works series containing 6 iconic Charles Blackman limited edition fine art hand signed prints now available at Etching House, the series is titled “Charles Blackman Masterworks Series” the series is limited in edition to 190 only of each print to coincide with Charles Blackmans father’s age, titles of this Charles Blackman Master Series fine art prints are, The Presentation, Dreaming in the Street, The Blue Vase, Dream Image, The Drama, Metamorphosis.
12 months Lay Buy is available on 20% deposit at Etching House for these fine art Charles Balckman Master Works print series.

MARGARET OLLEY NEWS, New Limited Edition Hand Signed fine art Giclee reproduction print of her original oil painting titled “Basket of Oranges Lemons and Jug” is Hand Signed by Margaret Olly, please note the standard size is already sold out, some Extra-large size only are still available but getting low, “Basket of Oranges Lemons and Jug” will be on show Affordable Art Shows in the future in Melbourne and Sydney.

David Bromley 8 Silk screen and 12 Giclee hand signed prints now available at Etching House, Affordable Bromley art Etching House Gallery, Two New David Bromley limited edition silkscreen print works available from Etching House Join the Etching House David Bromley mailing list.

David Boyd 3 collectable artworks arrived titled – Jessamine, Doris Silk Screen, and Merrick the Whale Silk Screen, and Cressida and the cat Silk Screen print hand signed, see David Boyd page Etching House.

Tim Storrier, 8 new fine art Giclee prints, by Tim Storrier, Etching House has available limited edition fine art etchings and prints by Tim Storrier, each piece is signed and titled by Tim Storrier.

Lin Onus, 25 new Giclee fine art limited edition prints by Lin Onus available from Etching House, Frogs at Barmah II 1995, Guyi Buypuru 1996, Guyi Mani 1996 just to mention a few, these Lin Onus works are limited edition fine art high quality productions with a digitally printed signature all prints are made under strict copyright laws, each work comes with a certificate of authenticity, Etching House Lay Buys welcome on 20% deposit and up to 6 or 12 months to pay.

Jasper Knight,  Original silk screen and etching prints hand signed, Art FROM $1200.

PRO HART 52 Original Etchings, Silkscreens, Watercolor hand painted works in total from Etching House – FROM $195 $295 $395 $895 and more till sold out, Pro Hart Waltzing Matilda, Ants, Grasshopper, Miners series all available. Full range of Pro Hart signed original etchings available from Etching House.

Jason Benjamin new limited edition digital reproduction Giclee print of his master oil painting titled “A Clear Mind” at Etching House, A Clear Mind original oil painting was sold in Hong Kong recently, 25 only images of A Clear Mind digital reproduction limited edition fine art prints have been made, and now available from Etching House, lay by is welcome.

Peter Kingston, 2 only art works North Shore line, Circular Ski 1987, Peter Kingston fine art affordable limited edition silk screen for sale or Lay By at Etching House.

12 Months lay by available on 10-20% deposit at Etching House, NO fees – Etching House makes buying and collecting fine art paintings, etchings, prints affordable and possible with ease.

SAD LOSS,  At 88 Margaret Olley AC, AO 1923 – 2011, It is with great sadness that today the 26th of July 2011 at the age of 88 the world has lost the Australian darling of the art world. Only weeks ago we personally had the pleasure of spending time with Margaret Olley in the Presence of Charles Blackman, Garry Shead, Jason Benjamin.

Margaret Olley was as always her charming and ever so delightful self-sharing her smile that would melt you in a moment. Margaret spoke happily about her work and love for colour, “it keeps me going and makes me happy”,  Margaret also spoke about the past and home, and how she doesn’t like Telephone companies and electrical things. She will be missed greatly yet her work and love lives on. Margaret Olley AC, AO 1923 – 2011, passed to day 26th July 2011, a truly sad loss.

ART SHOW’S, see Etching House at the major annual Australian Affordable Fine Art Show’s  Melbourne and Sydney dates to be confirmed…watch this space.

NEWS – Etching House new Norman Lindsay Art works, Facsimile etching titled “The Dream Merchant 1st sate” – “Saraband” and “Our Earth” “The Lace Head Dress”.

Garry Shead – Etchings titled “The Bride” “The First Vintage” “The Press” from the new series “Love on Mount Pleasant” plus “The Sacrifice” and the “Last Muse”, Tango V, Tango VI, Tango VII in colour or mono.

A collection of limited edition Giclee digital fine art print works by John Olsen titled “Giraffe Family” “The Bouillabase” “Squid with its Own Ink” “Coq au Vin” Popping Blue Bottles II are available through Etching House till sold.

Giclee reproduction fine art print works of Jeffrey Smart is available from Etching House, Margaret Olley, Lin Onus, Howard Arkely.

Pro Hart 38 Etching prints available from Etching House. Etching House the Print specialists in Australian fine art limited edition prints.

Garry Shead Printed Etching sent to the UK, London Gallery buys Garry Shead Etchings from Etching House Sydney.

Etching House Shipping insured and registered fine art by Garry Shead, Jeffrey Smart, John Olsen, David Bromley, Jasper Knight, Margaret Olley, and Pro Hart.

Jeffery Smart art reaches all time record for paintings at Australian auction, Etching House.

Margaret Olley August 2011 passing sees collectors move on affordable fine art prints and etchings, Etching House.

Etching House promotes innovation in the Art world, Australian Fine art paintings and prints purchased on Lay Buy which means the Etching House Payment plan makes good sense, We introduced a up to 12 month lay buy payment plan as a means of making art affordable and accessible, Etching House was one of the first to introduce this special way of buying 15 years ago. All purchases are financed by Etching House with no fees or charges, Etching House absorbs the cost of this program as a way of giving or putting something back in to the art world, Terms and conditions apply.

Australian Artists for example Tim Storrier, John Olsen, to mention a few seems to have followed the successful path of Norman Lindsay by releasing limited edition prints and using the new generation medium of digital Giclee fine art prints to make fine art reproduction that are limited in edition and are hand signed, these artists now are sharing their body of art works or building the Australian art heritage by making available affordable art for the enjoyment of the greater Australian art public. Etching House who has since 1977 been promoting Australian fine art etchings and prints at a retail, art show and internet level has seen this new medium be embraced by the Australian public. Recent years Etching House has made the same commitment to many other Australian iconic artists.

Etching House specialize in limited edition fine art Giclee digital reproduction prints, these Giclee prints are all made on archival rag paper using pigment ink such as Australian iconic artists Jeffrey Smart Margaret Olley, Tim Storrier, John Olsen Jason Benjamin just to mention a few.

About Etching House – Etching House is a love, a passion………..not just a business. Etching House puts on display from time to time in various locations like major Art Shows held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne each year. On display is a diverse collection of Australian Fine Art Etchings, Limited Edition Prints, Works on Paper, Digital limited edition fine art reproduction prints hand signed and digitally signed, there are also as some affordable original artworks in a variety of mediums such as Oil Paintings, pencil, graphite, pen and ink, water colours, Photography such as Bayles and Helmut Newton, Robert Billington and more.

Etching House also has Lithographic prints, Etchings, Prints, Silkscreen’s, Collagraph’s, Facsimile Etchings, Giclee works, Limited edition fine art prints re-produced digitally under copyright from the artist original art work.  All limited edition Australian fine Artworks are signed and titled by the artist unless otherwise noted. Etching House has available some Original and Limited Edition works of fine art that are both Affordable and Collectable and in new and secondary state. Etching House also specialize in Giclee digital reproduction hand signed prints.

12 Months lay buy (means Etching House Payment Plan) is available on 20% deposit at Etching House, terms and conditions apply, NO fees – Etching House makes buying and collecting fine art paintings, etchings, prints easy and hopefully affordable with ease.

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