Max Fulcher

Max Fulcher

1935 – 2021

Max Fulcher is an artist, photographer and author who creates beautiful images of the rain forest environment.

Max Fulcher inspiration is based on his extensive travels throughout south East Asia.

His particular focus is the orchid, which features prominently in his illustrations of the Australian bush scape along with vibrant flora and fauna. Indeed Max is a world-renowned authority on the orchid. Max Fulcher published the acclaimed book The Enchanted Orchid and the upcoming The Orchid Teacher.

Max has traveled many paths in his life – from his earliest days in the navy, to successful adman and publisher – but he has always been an artist at heart. It was his love of drawing that drew him to advertising in the first place, and which enabled him to change course in his 40s (after selling his agency) to become a full time creative spirit.

Over the past few decades, Max has produced a dazzling array of drawings, photographs, articles and books. His work has featured in Vogue Australia, Vogue Entertaining, House and Garden, Home Beautiful, and Your Garden to name a few. (Vogue Entertaining did an 8 page feature on Max titled the ‘Traveling Bon Vivant). He also worked closely with Ita Buttrose on her magazine ITA.

His illustrations, in particular, are characterized by an intense vibrancy, aliveness and authenticity. Each orchid, for example, is drawn from an actual plant that Max has either nurtured himself or documented during his extensive travels. Remarkably, all his illustrations are drawn freehand with a mouse on a Mac computer – a technique which Max helped to pioneer, and which he ultimately transcended by elevating the technique to a new level.

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