Etching House Sell, Buy, Wholesale, Trade, Consignee ,Value fine art Etchings, Prints and Paintings

and can advise on Framing, Art Storage, Handling, and Care for original paintings, fine art Etchings and prints.

Call Rolf on 0413 007 054 or contact us via email

12 months Lay by available at Etching House on 20% deposit.

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                GIFT VOUCHERS

Etching House Gift Voucher – Is available, simply choose an amount, upon cleared funds being received by Etching House a Gift Voucher will be made available.

If you wish to have several people contribute to a gift voucher, just let us know we will manage the rest.

Payments can be made direct deposit, or with a Visa, Master Card.
Contact Etching House for further details. Receipts will be issued to each contributor by email.
Please treat an Etching House Gift Voucher as cash. They cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. A Gift Voucher, once issued, may only be used for purchases with Etching House. A Gift Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.

A Gift Voucher expires 12 months from purchase date.

Vouchers may be obtained by simply calling 0413 007 054 and discussing details that will best suit your needs.

Such details will be confirmed in writing before commencing.

It is for security purpose that you are advised to provide the name and some details of the intended recipient of the Gift voucher.

When using the Voucher Choose goods carefully as no refunds will be issued, however at the discretion of Etching House goods may be exchanged for goods of a similar value, conditions apply. The recipients are permitted to add payment to the voucher to facilitate their choice.
Email Rolf for further information on