Terms and Conditions Etching House.
By proceeding with a purchase or the Etching House Payment Plan refereed to also as Lay Buy, the buyer accepts the Etching House terms and conditions.
Choose items carefully, Etching House dose not operate a change of mind policy.
Shipping, Etching House ships when cleared funds have been received in full. Etching House ships domestically internationally, tracked, signature required, and upon request insured. Etching House may use a) Specialized Art Courier for a door to door service b) Australia Post, c) Pack and Send, d) International deliveries are exclusively with DHL International couriers. NOTE: with international deliveries any customs, government duty, taxes, domestic delivery or handling costs that may be applicable in the destination country is the responsibility of the buyer.
Payment Methods, Etching House accepts Direct Bank Deposit or Cash as payment.
Receipt for Payments, are available by email upon request.
Lay Buy means the Etching House Payment Plan, Terms and Conditions are as follows….
Choose items carefully, Etching House does not operate a change of mind policy.
What is the Payment Plan, The payment plan is a simple plain English agreement between the Buyer and Etching House. Etching House offers its own payment plan and terms and conditions that may also commonly be referred to in name only as Lay Buy or Lay by, but operates purely under Etching House terms and conditions. The Etching House Payment Plan is simply a service designed to assist buyers to acquire art that suits their budget and cash flow. There are no fees or hidden charges.
Once the buyer pays a 20% deposit the buyer accepts the terms and conditions of the Etching House Payment Plan and commences the term caped to a maximum period of up to 12 months to pay the balance. The buyer should nominate a preferred or expected term example, ie: 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months etc again caped to a maximum 12 months to pay the balance. During the term a buyer should make some periodic payments however small. The Buyer should keep a detailed record of payments made, and email Etching House whenever making payments. Note: Etching House does not email regular or periodic statements of balances owing, progressive balance owing may be available upon request.
Items will be shipped when the full amount outstanding is paid.
Default of the payment plan:  Means the buyer not completing the payment plan with in the agreed term and conditions of the plan. In the event of default taking place the deposit paid will be non-refundable and becomes a restocking, liquidation, and finance fee for stock on hand items. Where the buyer has made payments in excess of the deposit paid Etching House will refund such amounts paid for stock on hand items. However, if the items are a custom make, commissioned order, or especially made or bought in to stock on behalf or the buyer, Etching House a) reserves the option to on sell or liquidate the item first, b) any liquidation costs or losses incurred in excess of the retained deposit amount will be deducted from the buyers payments made above the deposit, however the total amount with held shall not exceed 50% of the total payment plan amount and apply s of where custom order items.

Damaged or Lost items – during the term should an item on a plan become damaged or lost, Etching House will if possible replace the item, may offer the buyer the choice of an acceptable alternative item to a similar value, or refund all payments received to date including the deposit.
Before commencing a Payment Plan -The Buyer should before commencing the payment plan consider carefully their personal financial capacity, obligations, and therefore the suitability of entering into the Etching House Payment Plan. Etching House reserves the right to at its discretion accept or reject any Buyer wishing to commence a Payment Plan.

Correspondence, written, is by email to rolf@etchinghouse.com.au or in writing to Etching House PO Box 50 N Campbelltown North NSW 2560, please note, SMS services should not be relied upon.
Refunds Returns Please choose items carefully, Etching House dose not operate a change of mind policy. Also see Warranty and Delivery clause in this Terms and Conditions segment. 

Second hand items, or Pre Loved (Owned) items are sold strictly in as is condition, such items have no warranty and are not returnable. It is the responsibility of the buyer to satisfy them selves as to the condition or suitability of items before purchasing any such items, this may be by the means of, a) condition report, b) Photos c) physical inspection. Condition – report or information provided, please note that whilst we endeavour to mention any imperfection the absence of this information in the web site or any communication does not automatically imply that any item is free from defect. Note: Etching House does not have a change of mind policy, so please choose items carefully before making a purchase or entering the payment plan.

Delivery  Will be arranged once cleared funds – payment have been received, and when any related items – example, framing, printing, artist signing have been completed. It is the responsibility of the customer buyer to provide full accurate delivery and contact information, this information will be used as a delivery label. Etching House ships tracked signature required and in cases insured when requested by the buyer. Should the authorized recipient not be available at the time of delivery the work may be left at the local post office for collection. In the case of dedicated courier delivery any re delivery cost applicable will be at the expense of the customer- buyer. Etching House relies in good faith on delivery information/times provided by the carrier, such information may vary to times first indicated without notice, Note – delayed delivery does not constitute the right for cancelling an order or requesting a refund.
Receiving items and unpacking, or handling of your artwork, Do not unpack or handle unframed artwork yourself once received, see https://etchinghouse.com.au/care-information/ art unframed is very fragile and can be damaged easily if mishandled, the unpacking and handling should be left to your professional archival framer who should at all times use white cotton gloves while handling the artwork, oil from skin can result in damage or create stains over time. Rolled prints especially or even canvas paintings should be unpacked very carefully and should be allowed to relax over a period of 24 to 48 hours before being flattened and handled. The artwork should not be flattened instantly or re rolled in the opposite direction, mishandling of any kind will cause cracking, creasing or irreparable damage, artwork is very fragile when unframed. Your professional framer should know of these protocols and practices. 
Quality Control, Note: Every item supplied by Etching House has been checked carefully, either at the point of creation by the artist or nominated estate printer, framer, again at the point of signing by the artist, then checked and often photographed before being packed for shipping, only suitable packing materials and shipping methods are used.
International Delivery any Customs cost, tax, import matters, delays, local costs, cultural issues, in the destination country are wholly the responsibility of the buyer. Etching House suggest the buyer – customer investigates all matters prior to placing an order.
Insurance, Insurance may be purchased if available, at the request of the buyer, in the event of a claim being lodged due to loss or damage, Etching House has the right to A) to replace the item, B) provide a refund C) Claims will be limited to that only covered and accepted by the insurance cover purchased. In the event of the goods being damaged in any way during shipping Etching House must be notified within 24 hours.
Warranty New items – Warranty New items, will be limited to only that offered by the Artist, Printer, Carrier, Framer, manufacturer of materials. Used – pre owned items have no warranty. Etching House itself offers No warranty or guarantees against faulty workmanship, materials or third party services.
Privacy Policy: Etching House does not knowingly share or sell any buyers information with any other persons or organizations. Etching House takes all care but accepts no responsibility should any misuse of the buyers personal information occur. Etching House relies upon the standard safe guards offered through standard reputable internet security programs or operating systems. NOTE: exception being Etching House may forward contact and delivery details to a shipper – carrier for shipping purposes, or a Framer for the purpose of arranging framing and delivery.
Consignment stock – Etching House carries no insurance for consignment stock, all care will be taken but Etching House is not responsible for loss or damage.
Handling Unpacking of Goods – See Art Care info in this web site, the link is in the menu at the top of any page or copy and paste http://etchinghouse.com.au/care-information/ Etching House or its agents check all items thoroughly prior to shipping.
Care of purchased items – Please see care and info section on this Etching House web site, copy and paste this link http://etchinghouse.com.au/care-information/ or go to the menu bar at the top of any page and click on care and info.
Questions, Feel free to ask any questions by contacting Etching House – go to our contact page http://etchinghouse.com.au/contact-us/ or phone 0413007054.
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