Art Show Etching House

Garry Shead again wins the crowd at the Etching House Melbourne art fair as the most viewed and popular artist, the show was held at the heritage listed Royal Exhibition Hall next to the Melbourne museum at Carlton Gardens Victoria Australia.

Etching House annual art show held in Melbourne saw the most comprehensive collection of Garry Shead fine art limited edition etching prints on display, this collection coverd Garry Shead’s last 25years, the works on display wowed collectors and viewers from all walks of life with that Garry Shead magical etching craft, the etching technique was first started around the 14th century and today is becoming a very rare technique with the advent of the digital Giclee print age.

Garry Shead is one of the few and one of the very best living Australian artists still using this ancient technique.

On display was fine art works from Garry Shead’s Bundeena, Monarchy series as well as today’s Mount Pleasant series.

The Melbourne public just loved the works and people were just spellbound, people were standing there just studying one image at a time, when you see the works in real life you can understand why.

Etching House is proud to exhibit this comprehensive Garry Shead collection of limited edition fine art etching prints for well 15 years now.




Melbourne Affordable Art Show displays the Etching House collection of Australian Iconic artist works for near on a decade now as of 2012. Etching House has been supporting the Melbourne Art lovers at the largest art show in the southern hemisphere, Melbourne’s art public has got to see a diverse collection on display of limited edition etchings, prints, digital Giclee prints, silk screens, lithographic, colourgraphs and works on paper by artists like Garry Shead, John Olsen, Jeffrey Smart, Margaret Olley, Charles Blackman, Sid Nolan, Norman Lindsay, Jasper Knight, Jason Benjamin, Michael Leunig just to mention a few.

Etching House is in the business of following a passion and along the way Etching House has made fine art works available and easily affordable for thousands of people by introducing 9 years ago its full 12 months lay buy/ payment plan with no fees, Etching House finances all these purchases exclusively for the love of art. Etching House has a mission to make great art an obtainable joy for everyone and has dedicated many years to this cause.

The Show is on each year in May and located in Carlton Gardens Melbourne Victoria.


Limited edition fine art limited edition prints as well as hand made etchings, silk screens, fine art Giclee and new digital prints were a great hit at the Melbourne Etching House affordable art fair.

Etching House has spent thousands of dollars invested in education people at shows as to the difference between an Etching Silkscreen and a Jeffrey Smart digital reproduction Giclee print digitally signed, this persistence at these shows has slowly paid off. Artist like Olley Olsen and Storrier have been able to hand signed their works; this is reflected in their sell prices. Etching House first introduced Jeffrey Smart digital Giclee reproductions in the first half or 2010, with each year and a huge effort we slowly saw the wonderful imagery of Smarts be embraced as they were presented in great company of other Iconic artist hand signed works see the Etching House web site Jeffrey Smart section.

Margaret Olley digital fine art reproduction Giclee print hand signed by Margaret Olley has been well received in Melbourne Affordable Etching House annual fair May 2012 Royal Exhibition Building Carlton Victoria – art show.

The 150 limited edition Margaret Olley “Basket of Oranges Lemons and Jug” has proven to be a successful edition, the extra-large version of “Basket of Oranges Lemons and Jug” fill a great space on any wall and is affordable at Etching House.