Garry Shead D.H. Lawrence

This Garry Shead D.H. Lawrence Collection of paintings C1992 – C1993 web gallery page is for Archival Reference purposes only, these works are NOT for sale by Etching House, Images are courtesy of the Artist and is for your enjoyment to view freely.

The images shown in this Garry Shead archive gallery page, titled Oil paintings D.H Lawrence, may also be seen in the “Book titled The D.H. Lawrence Paintings”, Author: Sasha Grishin Fine Art Publishing Pty Ltd, this book is now a collector’s item and is a great reference piece, (See the book section menu top of page on this web site)

These oil paintings are not intended to be presented for sale or being available from Etching House, these images are a archive presentation and for reference purposes only.

Garry Shead also released a selection of limited edition hand signed and numbered unique images on fine art rag paper, with the same or similar titles used in his original oil paintings shown in his D.H.Lawrence Book and this archive display gallery page, these selected images were released as series of Collographs titled, The awakening, The wave, The Arrival, The Supper, Checkmate, they were limited in edition to 80 of each image, numbered, titled, hand signed.

Garry Shead also released in 1994 a series of smaller 15 different black and white handmade aquatint etchings, called The Kangaroo Suite all based on a selection from the D.H Lawrence series, again with the same or similar titles, these Garry Shead etchings were limited in edition to 50 of each image, they are hand signed and numbered, titles are as follows, Thirroul, Arrival, Free, The Visitor, The Awakening, Flaming Kangaroo, Creation, The wave, The monument, The League, Nightfall, Supper, Death of a Kangaroo, Envoy, all with an image size of 245mm x 315mm, Hahnemule 300 gsm rag paper was used.





Garry Shead won his first Archibald Prize in 1993.

Garry Shead is a respected and noted painter, printmaker, and etcher.

Garry Shead’s works highlight’s a distinctive passion and love for the Australian Landscape as well as a passion for Australian Life and culture, his work also brings romantic and humorous elements to his truly Australian scenes.

Stockman Series – Garry Shead produced the Stockman series from the 1990s this was followed by the famous D.H. Lawrence series based on the Lawrence’s book Garry Shead did a “Kangaroo” and satirical “Monarchy” series of Etchings and Paintings which brought even more attention to this iconic Australian artist are – 1961-62 studied at the National Art School. Editor, the Arty Wild Oat Cartoons published in OZ, The Bulletin, and Sydney Morning Herald.


1963-6 Scenic artist with the ABC TV
1967 Young Contemporaries Prize, Travelled to Japan
1968 Expedition to Sepik Highlands, Papua New Guinea

1972 Artist in residence, Power Studio, Cite des Arts, Paris
1981-82 Artists in residence, Michael Karolyi Foundation, Venice, France. Travelled in, Spain Holland and
1986 Winner, Mahalb Art Prize (New South Wales Law Society)
1987 Finalist, Doug Moran National Portrait Prize
1989-90 travelled to New York, London, and Budapest.
1993 Winner of the Archibald Prize
2004 Winner Dobell Prize for drawing.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1996 Phillip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane
1996 Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne
1995 Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide
1995 Solander Gallery, Canberra
1995 Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney
1994 Dover Street Gallery, London
1993 Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide
1993 Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne
1993 Phillip Bacon Gallery, Brisbane
1993 D.H. Lawrence Series, Australian Gallery of New South Wales
1992 Solander Gallery, Canberra
1992 Wollongong City Gallery
1992 Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney
1991 Solander Gallery, Canberra
1990 BMG Galleries, Adelaide
1989 Green Hill Galleries, Perth
1988 William Mora galleries, Melbourne
1988 Artnet, Sydney
1987 Solander Gallery, Canberra
1985 Gary Anderson Gallery, Sydney
1984 The Print Source, Sydney
1981-3 Hogarth Galleries, Sydney
1978 Abraxas Gallery, Canberra
1976 Abraxas Gallery, Canberra
1976 Hogarth Gallery, Sydney
1975 Ray Hughes Gallery, Brisbane
1975 Watters Gallery, Sydney
1975 Abraxas Gallery, Canberra
1966-1974 Numerous exhibitions at Watters Gallery, Sydney

Group Exhibitions

Garry Shead has participated in numerous group exhibitions including the Archibald Prize Exhibition, The Blake Prize Exhibition and Sulman Prize Exhibition.

Garry Shead Awards

1986 Winner, Mahlab Art Prize (New South Wales)
1993 Winner Archibald Prize
2004 Winner, Dobell Prize for Drawing

Garry Shead collection held by national galleries

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide
Queensland Art gallery, Brisbane
Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery
Newcastle Regional Art Gallery
Wollongong City Art Gallery
National Museum, Budapest, Hungry
Separation Art Gallery
Visual Arts and Crafts Board, Sydney
State Bank, Sydney
University of Western Australia
University of New South Wales
Australian National University
Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane City Art Collection
Art bank, Sydney
National Film Library
Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra

Garry Shead is a Australian artist who won the Archibald Prize in 1992/93 with a portrait of Tom Thompson, and won the Dobell Prize in 2004 with Colloquy with John Keats (diptych).He went on to win the Young Contemporaries Prize in 1967 and travelled to, Vienna and Budapest. He returned to in the 1980s. His paintings are in many galleries here and overseas. Garry was a friend of Brett Whiteley and participated in the famous Yellow House activities; he also has shown more than seventy group exhibitions and had over fifty solo exhibitions.

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