Still Life 1 Aquatint Etching

size 29x30cm only1 left

Spider Monkey Sugar lift Etching

Aquatint 2000 hand made

Pond Life 2009 Aquatint Etching

14.7x22.7cm circular plate

Paella Soft Ground Etching

Original etching 2004

Owl and Pussy Cat line etching

Aquatint Coloured 2010

Mother Owl Aquatint Etching

Hand made original etching

Humpty Dumpty Aquatint line etching

Original etching

Hand and Watch original Etching

Hand Made

Gotcha II 2009 Hand made Etching

original Aquatint

Gotcha 2007 hand made Etching

Limited edition

Girl and sea object Etching

Hand made Aquatint

Girl and Fish 2002 Aquatint Etching

Hand made

Gallery Opening original Etching

Image size 24.5x28cm

Frog Climbing Aquatint Etching

Hand made 22.5x15cm

Fish 2000 hand made etching

Limited edition size 17x16cm

Fish 2004 original Etching

Limited edition

Filleting 2004 original aquatint Etching

Hand made hand signed etching

Fat Cat 2005 hand made Etching

original aquatint 2 colour etching

Estuary Aquatint hand made Etching

Coloured hand signed John Olsen size 14.8x22.7cm

Dragonfly Aquatint original line Etching

Hand made, signed, size 9.5x15cm

Don’t kill that Fly Etching

original etching

Dinner II 2008 Etching

Hand Made original etching

Dinner 2005 hand made Etching

Original 2005 limited edition

Dinner 1 hand made Aquatint Etching

25.5x23cm hand signed

Bird Watchers 2012, hand made Etching

Acid tint Line Etching

Bird and Grasshopper hand made Etching

Sugar lift Aquatint Etching

Belly Dancers II Etching

crayon etching with aquatint

Being Young Olsen original Etching

Hand Made Sugar lift Aquatint Etching

John Olsen Dancing Frogs Handmade Etchings, hand signed, limited to an edition of 20 only, from Etching House, Dancing Frogs image size of 12.3×17 cm and is the same size as Dancing Frog 2017.

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John Olsen original hand made Etchings

Limited supply John Olsen hand made etching and prints, Etching House.

John Olsen art at Etching House.

Etching House specialize in prints and hand made etchings by John Olsen.

Etching House has a extensive range of John Olsen limited edition fine art handmade original Etchings, Etching Prints, and digital giclee prints.

All artworks by John Olsen are hand signed by John Olsen and are titled and numbered.

Lay Buy for Olsen Prints and etchings is welcome at Etching House with up to 12 months on 20% deposit No fees.

Below is a list of crafted H

hand Made  and signed Etching Print works released by John Olsen, this list is dynamic and may change without notice,

Afternoon 2004,

Art World 2005,


Artist & Fish Bowl 2006,

Being Young 2000,

Being Young 2000 mono colour,

Belly Dancer 2001,

Bird and Grasshopper 2002,

Bird and Tea Pot 2000,

Bondi Ice bergs 2007,

Boy and Waterfall 2001,

Camel 2000,

Camel 2004,

Cats Dinner 2006,

Cormorant at the Barrage,

Crow and Tea Pot mono colour 2000,

Dingoes at Night,

Dinner 2005,

Dragonfly & Frogs 2005,

Don’t kill that fly 2007

Emus at the Coorong 2004

Fat Cat 2005 2 Colours,

Feeding the Cats 2005 2 Colours,

Filleting 2004,

Fish 2000,

Fish (blue-small) 2004,

Fish Kettle 2002,

Frog (small) 2004,

Frog and Hand 2000,

Frog Pond  2004,

Frog Surprised  2002,

Girl and Fish  2002,

Girl and Sea Objects 2002,

Hand and Watch 2000,

Heat wave 2001,

Heron and Frog 2001,

Landscape near Coolah,

Landscape with Hare 2001,

Life Class 2001,

LIFE CLASS 2006, a Set of 8 Etchings,

Lily Pond 2006,

Lucio’s 2003,

Mating 2005 2 colours,

Mistaken Identity 2005,

Mother and Child 2000,

Murray River Barrage 2006,

Nude and fish bowl 2002,

Octopus 2004,

Owl 2005 PJPA,

Owl (small) 2001,

Owl 2003,

Owl II 2003,

Paella (Small) 2004,

Paella 2004,

Pelican 2005,

Pelicans & Chicks 2004,

Penguin 2004,

***Rainy Morning 2005,

Scrub Turkey & King Leopold Ranges,

Spider Monkey and Apple 2000,

Spider Monkeys I 2000,

Spider Monkeys II 2000,

Still Life I 2004 2 colours,

Still Life II 2004 2 colours,

Summer at Owls wood 10 images,

Sydney Harbour Seaport of Desire 2002,

The Bouquet 2003,

The Bridge 2004,

The Catch 2005,

The Critic  2005 2 colours,

The Escape 2002,

The Fish (black) 2002,

The Gourmet 2003,

The Prawn   2002,

The Quay 2003,

The Sea 2004,

Three Graces 2006,

Toad Fish 2004,

Waiting 2001,

Waterfall 2001.