Wendy Sharpe

1960 –


Wendy Sharpe is undoubtedly one of Australia’s greatest contemporary figurative painters, creating provocative and sensuous images of the human form. Often working directly from life, her paintings possess a spontaneity and directness that invites viewers to engage with the work on an emotional level.


Citing Expressionist artists such as Max Beckmann and Edward Munch as initial influences, Sharpe has developed a distinctive gestural style grounded in an innate ability to draw. She is not afraid to confront universal themes of love, passion and the complexities of human relationships, something rarely expressed in art today.


One of Australia’s official war artists sent to East Timor in 1999, Sharpe is regularly travelling abroad in the name of art. In early 2012 she was invited to attend the centenary voyage to Antarctica by the Mawson’s Hut Foundation, producing over 100 works based on the experience. Her painting ‘Self-portrait in Antarctica with penguin and Mawson’s huts’ was a finalist in the 2012 Archibald Prize. She was also a finalist in teh 2012 Mosman Art Prize, Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award and National Works on Paper Award.


Sharpe has been awarded many prestigious accolades and scholarships including The Portia Geach Memorial Prize (2003 and 1995); The Archibald Prize (1996); The Kedumba Drawing Prize (1995); The Mercedes Benz Traveling Scholarship (1999); The Sullman prize (1986); The Marten Bequest Traveling scholarship (1986); Tenancy of the Denise Hickey studio at Cite Des Arts in Paris (1986) and The Robert Le Gay Bereton Drawing prize, among many others.



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