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Michael Leunig Archival Cartoon Prints

Etching House offers Michael Leunig Hand Signed Affordable archival inkjet prints made on high quality archival art paper.

You can choose from the prints shown in the Etching House Leunig cartoon gallery below, you can email your order to Etching House on or phone Rolf 0413007054.

These Leunig quality hand signed prints come in 3 sizes, A4, A3, A2, should you wish to have a custom size made please contact Rolf at Etching House on 0413007054 or email

Sizes and dimension see guide below,


The A2 size print measures 42.0 x 59.4cm, 16.53 x 23.39 inches,

The A3 size print measures 29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches,

The A4 size print measures 21.0 x 29.7cm, 8.27 x 11.69 inches,

The A0 size print measures 84.1 x 118.9cm, 33.11 x 46.81 inches, custom order

The A1 size print measures 59.4 x 84.1cm, 23.39 x 33.11 inches, custom order.

Here is the Etching House list of Michael Leunig archival cartoon prints available in different sizes, each are hand signed, and printed on archival paper,
A Fond Hope,
A Night to Remember,
Academy of Very Ancient Music,
Alive and Well II,
Apple Tree Kiss,
Be Brave,
Bird Mobile,
Butterfly Net,
Cloud Climber,
Creatures of Integrity,
Desert Song,
Direction-finding Ducks,
Each Other,
Father and Son,
Fresh Words Daily,
Garden Gate,
Gee Dad You’re Fantastic,
Getting There,
Glad to be Home,
Happy Day II,
Happy News,
Hills and Valleys,
Holy Fool,
Holy Fool II,
Holy Fool with Birds,
How to Get There,
Let It Go,
Life Boat,
Lived in Life,
Love One Another,
Mother II,
Mr Curly Comes Home,
Night Cats,
Odd Birds,
Ordinary Happiness,
People Tree,
Pilgrim II,
Pixie Tea,
Sitting on the Fence,
Sleep on Country,
Street Football,
Summer Song,
Sweet Secret Place,
The Arrival of Spring,
The Escapee,
The Kiss,
The night we lost our marbles,
The night we lost our marbles II,
The Tide Comes In,
Tiny Little Boat,
Vasco Pyjama in Boat,
When I Talk To You,
When the Heart,
You go into the Garden.


Michael Leunig is a very special person who brings enormous joy and wonder to the world with his own special brand of philosophy reflected in his Art , Poetry, and cartoons often thought provoking. Michael Leunig is a man whose life has been filled with ducks, teapots and curly people reflected in all his work.

Michael Leunig is a living national treasure. Michael leunig is best known for his cartoons and whimsy philosophy. Michael Leunig is perhaps interestingly a greatly loved provocateur, stir the pot so to speak.

Michael Leunig art, poems, books and cartoons are thought provoking, fun full, happy moments and absolutely instant smile makers with a connection to people from all ages and walks of life..

Viewing Michael Leunig work for the first time brings instant smiling faces and an engagement of meaning and wonder, this is Etching House experience at all the art shows around Australia.
Michael Leunig has worked for some of the best Media groups the Melbourne Age just to mention one where he started in 1969.
Michael Leunig in recent years had a very memorable animated series of cartoons on SBS Television.
Michael Leunig was born in 1945.
Michael Leunig from 1998 to 2000 a comprehensive exhibition of his printmaking “The Happy Prints” toured Regional Galleries in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania and was exhibited at the National Archive of Australia in Canberra, A.C.T. From January 2002 to June 2002.
The Museum of Sydney exhibited “Leunig Animated” an exhibtion of Leunig’s sketches, drawings and cartoons along with the detailed animation cells made from his material.
Michael Leunig is amongst the very best cartoonist. A real Australian style.
Michael Leunig some of the most popular works to date Etching House has available from time to time,
Leunig The inner Horse, Leunig Play full Creature, Leunig The Dirty Acrobats, Leunig Hooligan, Leunig Bird Garden, Leunig Bird Nest, Leunig Wondering Minstrel, Leunig Near and dear, Leunig The Daily Beast, Leunig Fish Dance, Leunig Mating Season, Leunig Feeding the Birds, Leunig Life goes On, Leunig Each Other, Leunig Holy Fool, Leunig Little Fish, Leunig Piano Piano, Leunig Lacuna, Leunig Genius at Work, Leunig Alive and Well, Leunig The Bowl, Leunig Garden, Leunig Family Portrait, Leunig Sea Gohst, Leunig Memory, Leunig Window, Leunig Goose Girl, Leunig Pony, Leunig Bed Gohst, Leunig Bed Side Table, Leunig Road Gohst, Leunig More People, Leunig My People, the list is very long.
Michael Leunig has over the years published many books of poetry, a must to be enjoyed, here are some of them.
Michael Leunig Books:
2001 The Curly Pyjama Letters by Michael Leunig
1992 EverydayDevil & Angels by Michael Leunig
1999 Goatperson & OtherTales by MichaelLeunig
2002 Hope For Love by Michael Leunig
1974 The Penguin Leunig by Michael Leunig
2003 Poems by Michael Leunig
1991 Ramming the Shears by Michael Leunig
1996 Short Notes From a Long History of Happiness by Michael Leunig
2002 The Stick & OtherTales of Our Times by Michael Leunig
2003 Starnge Creature by Michael Leunig
1990 The Traveling Leunig by Michael Leunig
1998 Why Dogs Sniff Each Others Tails by Michael Leunig
2004 Wild Figments by Michael Leunig
1995 You and Me by Michael Leunig
These books can be found at Penguin Books Australia
Etching House have Art by Michael Leunig – Original works on paper.Original Etching, Limited Edition etchings, Limited Edition Prints , oil paintings, australian paintings, original works of art , art of a large rang – may also be found at Etching House along with other original peices of Australian Art by Michael Leunig – At Etching House LAY BYs are Welcome See Etching House Michael Leunig Gallery Go to the Home page.
Etching House shows new works relased by Michael Leunig at Sydney Art show Fox Studio with great success.
Etching House has been advised that Michael Leunig has a New Book to be released in June 06 and available threw Penguine Books.
Michael Leunig to come up with some new works soon , stay tuned with Etching House.
Etching House is first with Michael Leunig Etchings to promote a special Lay By program. Many new Art lovers now can consider starting there own collection ofMichael Leunig Australian Fine Art – Limited Edition Etchings and works on Paper from Etching House
Etching House Specialise in Michael Leunig – Norman Lindsay – Garry Shead – Jason Benjamin – David Boyd – Charles Blackman and ahve Art works from time to time by by Brett Whitely, Tim Olsen and many moreAustralian artist.
Ask your self if Michael Leunig with his art or interpretation expressed in art form doesn’t make you smile immediately or have you in deep thought, Michael is truly gifted, we are lucky in this country to have him, Passion and laughter happiness facts reality call it what you like if 80% of people enjoy Michael Leunig and what he gives to us all, that’s good enough. Michael Leunig is some thing special for us.
His profession may be listed as “cartoonist” on his tax return? Michael Leunig is much more. His work is at times incredibly provoking, he is not so much a humorist as an observer, philosopher, commentator, historian of the absurd and catalyst for free thinking.
Born in East Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) in 1945, Leunig subsequently evolved in Footscray, an inner industrial suburb, until his success as a satirical political cartoonist afforded him the means to escape the city in favour of the gentler ambience of nearby country. From his early work in the 60’s when he was published in such diverse journals as Newsday, Woman’s Day and the controversial London Oz magazine, Leunig developed his distinctive pen style and eye for the ridiculous which led to publication in 1974 of his first book The Penguin Leunig (see elsewhere on the site for a complete anthology). These days he lives somewhere near Melbourne where he is a regular contributor to the local daily broadsheet The Age and fridge doors all over the country.
While most Australians are familiar with his work, few could tell you anything about the man and yet through his cartoons, know everything about him. By all accounts he is indeed shy, gentle and pensive, and his work reveals him to be cynical, witty, sensitive, deeply spiritual, emotionally precarious, at times depressed and always insightful. A dysfunctional genius perhaps.
Michael Leunig simultaneously defines and defies most Australian stereotypes, we should be thankful.
At Etching House Michael Leunig’s  12 new original etching fine art prints are now available, All Leunig etching prints are hand signed, the titles of these exciting new  limited edition fine art prints as follows- – Composer at work, Friends, Happy day, Safe journey, Sweet mischief 1, Sweet mischief 2, Voice in the wilderness.  Each etching is titled hand signed and numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity, all Micheal Leunig works are now available at Etching House, Lay Buys welcome on 20% deposit.
The 12 etching prints are inspired from Michael Leunig’s Holley Fool series, Holley Fool Michael Leunig etchings from Etching House.
Michael Leunig Fine art Limited edition Etching and Engraving Prints available from Etching House
Engraving Etching prints available at Etching House are titled –
Australian artist cartoonist Michael Leunig presents the latest Holley Fool collection of affordable fine art original-
handmade etchings, engravings, sugar lift, prints titled –
ARMFUL OF LIFE Yellow , edition 95 hand signed, image size 180 x 225, paper size 350 x 370,
LIFE BOAT II, Coral, edition 95 hand signed, image size 210 x 160, paper size 460 x 375,
HOLY FOOL, Light blue, edition 50 hand signed, image size 150 x 110 , paper size 315 x 250,
NEW TUNE, Yellow golden, edition 90 hand signed, image size 225 x 185, paper size 460 x 380,
FRIENDS II, Golden orange, edition 90 hand signed, image size 230 x 185, paper size 460 x 380,
FRIENDS, Pink, edition 90, hand signed image size 230 x 185, paper size 460 x 380,
SAFE JOURNEY, Grey, edition 90, hand signed image size 220 x 200, paper size 460 x 380,
SWEET MISCHIEF, Light orange, edition 90 hand signed, image size 225 x 185, paper size 460 x 380,
SWEET MISCHIEF, II Grey-purple, edition 90 hand signed, image size 225 x 185, paper size 460 x 380,
SONG, Blue-violet, edition 90 hand signed, image size 185 x 145, paper size 460 x 380,
HAPPY DAY, Apricot brown, edition 90 hand signed, image size 225 x 185, paper size 460 x 380,
BOOTS AND ALL, Orange, edition 90 hand signed, image size 195 x 145, paper size 460 x 380,
CATKIN, Orange, edition 90 hand signed, image size 230 x 175, paper size 460 x 380,
FRIENDLY FACES, Light Orange edition 90, hand signed, image size 220 x 200, paper size 460 x 380,
CAT BOP, Purple, edition 90 hand signed, image size 200 x 250, paper size 450 x 380,
NIGHT CAT, Green brown, edition 90 hand signed, image size 230 x 190, paper size 450 x 380,
AFFINITY, Pink hand col, edition 20 hand signed, image size 275 x 220, paper size 450 x 380,
GATHERING, Green, edition 90 hand signed, image size 275 x 220, paper size 450 x 380,
GATHERING II, Pink, edition 90 hand signed, image size 275 x 220, paper size 450 x 380, all Michael Leunig etching prints
are available at Etching House, 12 months lay buy payment plan is welcome, see terms and conditions.

Michael Leunig fine art etching prints hand signed short list off titles at Etching House

Leunig Special Bandana Scarf,
Leunig Bandana Art at Home,
Leunig Bandana Scarf,
Jonah and the Whale 2,
Escapade at Night
Fanfare 2,
Happy Outcome,
Sketch for Spring,
Sketch for Spring 2,
Gathering II,
Life Boat II,
Bird Nest,
Safe Journey,
Near and Dear,
Happy Day,
Cat Bop,
Holley Fool,
Sweet Mischief 2,
Sweet Mischief 1,
New Tune,
Freinds II,
Night Cat,
Boots and All,
Arm Full of life,
Freindly face,
Life Goes On,
More People,
On Going,
Playfull Creature,
Playfull Creature Sienna,
Sea Ghost,
Little Fish,
Family Portrait,
Piano Piano,
For Better OR For Worse,
Each Other,
Golden Moment,
The Way,
Fish Dance,
Feeding the Birds,
The Dirty Acrobat,
The Daily Beast,
Wandering Minstrel,
Bird Garden,
Small Freedoms,
The Inner Horse,
All Shall Be Well,
Holy Fool,
Goose Girl,
Seven Fish in the Afternoon,
Simply This,
The Man in the Yellow Shirt,
Genius at Work,
Alive and Well,
The Bowl,
Bed Ghost,
Bedside Table,
My People,
Road Ghost,
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie,
Creek Life,