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Framed in Black, White, Tasmanian Oak, Stained Tasmanian Oak,
ART Glass Non reflective

Custom size is available


Brycen Horne is a Sydney-based photographer and director/dop. He began his career at The Sydney Darkroom, hand-printing and processing black and white film.

After finding a 16mm Bolex at a garage sale, he started to shoot time lapse and video clips, which inspired his passion for film. He then worked as a clapper loader and focus puller before shooting music videos, films and TVCs as a dop.

Brycen’s new work signifies his highly artistic visual style. Inspired by the ocean, empty landscapes and the human figure, Brycen uses negative space and long exposure to capture the aesthetic quality of these elements..

As well as having had several solo exhibitions, he has exhibited in group shows with Bill Henson.

Brycen Horne’s new works are inspired by the season and location. A study of the last two years winters and autumns. Searching for light in the dark afternoons, “where I have found comfort in being alone. Taking the time to observe and capture places that were once familiar to me, looking again, seeing them for the first time”. From Bondi, Clovelly and Coogee. Storms out at sea from Tamarama and Gerroa where he grew up as a young surfer inherently connected to the ocean.

Brycen divides his time between professional and personal projects wherever he can, sneaking them in between surfs.


Etching House has available a collection of Brycen Horne Fine Art limited edition photographic giclee prints on paper, titles are – Welcome to the Ocean Floor, Surfaced, Taking Form, Touching the Surface, Rising and Returning, all works are hand signed and on fine art archival rag mat paper using pigment ink.

Ambiance, mood, connection, beauty is captured in all Brycen Horns photographic print artworks, Etching House.
Brycen Horne Australian pure Fine art photographic prints are Hand Signed by Brycen Horne and limited numbered in edition to only 10, these Brycen Horne photographic prints are now available at Etching House, size being 70cm x 120cm, 95cm x 133xm paper size, custom size is available, Up to 12 Months lay is welcome on 20% deposit, these fine art Giclee printed photographic artworks are available framed or unframed, shipping is available with in Australia and Overseas.
Brycen Horne fine art Prints are made on pure archival Hahnemuhle rag paper using pigment ink, framing in 42x35mm white timber and a conservative width rag mat to maintain a balanced perspective is the key to keeping the eye on the work of art,.
Brycen Horn limited edition fine artwork prints are image size being 70cm x 120cm, 95cm x 133xm paper size, custom size is available.
Brycen Horne Giclee prints are titled as follows,
Tamarama Behind the Clouds 1,
Tamarama Behind the Clouds 2,
Tamarama Behind the Clouds 3,
Bondi Blue Line,
Bondi Dusk,
Bondi Gold Lines,
Bondi Twilight,
Bondi White lines,
Clovelly Twilight,
Clovelly Views,
Clovelly Winter Sun,
Coogee Dusk,
Coogee Surf Club,
Coogee Twilight,
Coogee Winter,
Coogee Wyllie’s Baths Dusk,
Gordon’s Bay Dusk,
Gordon’s Bay Twilight,
Sydney Dusk,
Sydney Twilight,
Sydney Winter,
Watsons Bay Fishing,
Moonlight Dusk,
Moonlight Mountain,
Moonlight Wave,
Icebergs Twist,
Icebergs High,
Icebergs Storm,
Icebergs Blue Lines,
Icebergs Ocean,
Icebergs Twilight,
Icebergs Bond,
Icebergs Raining,
Icebergs Wave,
Icebergs Dusk,
Icebergs Soft Winter Afternoon,
Icebergs YK Blue,
Lake Blue,
Lake Fire,
Lake Calm,
Lake Silver,
Lake Dark,
Lake Twilight,
Lake Dusk,