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Born 1948 in Victoria, Lin was the only child of Scottish mother, Mary, and Aboriginal father, Bill (from the Yorta Yorta language group).

His passion for art developed early. Working with his father in the family business making boomerangs and other Aboriginal artefacts, and growing up surrounded by classical art and music in a home built by his maternal grandmother, Lin absorbed influences from both cultural traditions.

Lin Onus began painting in 1974, after initially training as a mechanic. His visits to Arnhem Land, which began in 1986, deeply influenced his life and art, and enabled him to forge a unique friendship with artist and elder, Jack Wunuwun (his mentor).

Onus incorporated a diverse range of mediums, methods and styles in his work: the illustrative qualities of his work being derived from Western culture and the added layered images evolving from his Aboriginal heritage. Distinctive is his use of rarrking, traditional Aboriginal cross-hatching, which was often incorporated into his super-real landscapes.

Onus’ first solo exhibition in 1975 was held at the Aborigines Advancement League in Melbourne. Over the following years he held 18 more solo exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. His work has featured in many exhibitions, both in Australia, the U.K., Europe, U.S.A., Canada, and Asia.

A retrospective of his work, the first for an urban-based Indigenous artist, was held as the Queensland Art Gallery’s major contribution towards reconciliation in the year 2000.

Among the many awards Lin received are the National Aboriginal Art Award in 1988, and the Member of the Order of Australia, A.M., in 1993. In 1994 Lin had his first solo exhibition in Brisbane at Fire-Works Gallery, arranged by Michael Eather, fellow artist, lifelong friend and collaborator; Director of the Fire-Works Gallery.

Works by Lin Onus are held in many public, corporate and private collections in Australia and overseas. One of the most successful and accessible indigenous artists of his generation, Lin Onus died prematurely at the age of 47 in 1996.

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Sunset Fish 43×80, 56×104, 88.5×169,
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Birrakala (butterflies in Sherbrook Forest) 59×59, 89.5×89.5, 104.1×104.1,
Baru ga Warrinyu 98.7×41.5, 95.5×70,
Bunpa Djindjingili 43×81.2,69.1×89.6,
Bunpa near Mulwan 43.7x 80, 89.5×89.5,
Butterfly Cave 127.2×52,
Dawn at Malwan 38.2×89.6, 51×124.3,
Djerriwah 68.7×59, 89.5×76.5, 105×89.5,
Djerriwah egri Bogera 67.8×53.6, 89.5×70.1,
Ducks 44.3×80.7, 70×90.2,
Fish and Lightning Weed 52.5x56x104, 89.7116.3,
Fish and Lillies, Dingo Springs 52.5×67.2, 69.6×89.8, 89×115.7,
Frogs at Barmah II 52.4×67.3, 89.5×76.5, 89.5×116.5,
Garginingi 66.8×53.2, 69.5×89.6,
Garkman Bumirili Nyangi 40.5×82.3, 56.5×117.4,
Ginger and my third wife approach the roundabout 54.3×67.8, 73.3×89.5,
Ginger and my third wife check the mail box 52.5×82.1, 66.1×104.7,
Goonyah Ga Yarra 59.3×59.6, 65.6×104, 104.4×104.6,
Guyi Buypuru 52.4×67.3, 76.5×89.5, 103×134.7,
Guyi Mani 88.9×89.2,
Hovering till the rains come 53×67.7, 70×90.2,
Kicking around the clay pan 59×68.8, 76.2×89.1, 105×123.1,
Koi at Sankien 48.5×72, 89.5×89.5,
Late Afternoon Barmah 69×89.7,
Left foot practice with best friend 56.8×66, 76.5×89.5, 102×119.4,
Mandiginingi 48×75, 89.2×89.6,
Marrpan 68×52, 69.2×89.7,
Matong 50.5×76.9, 51×124.3,
Ngatajirri 69.4×89.6,
NLC 78.7×58, 56.5×117.4, 122.1×89,
Road to Redfern,
Two Fish Dingo Springs, 52.5×67.3, 69.6×89.8, 89.7×116.3,
Wadarrawadarr Buoi Guyi 58.6×59, 89.5×70.1,
Weekend at Garmedi I 47×73.3, 89.6×69.3,
Weekend at Garmedi II 47×72.9, 56×104,
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