The White Rabbit A.P

2001 Silkscreen [BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE]

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Charles Blackmans Alice –

Blackmans Alice is a suite of six silkscreen prints limited to an edition of 75 plus Artist Proofs.

This work form the Alice series is titled The White Rabbit.

There have been many illustrations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland since it was first published in 1865, at the last count there where over a hundred.

Blackman has not illustrated Alice; he has in his own way discovered her.

Charles Blackman discovered Alice when he was quite grown up and the impact of his discovery coincided perfectly with his readiness as an artist. It was a magical experience for Charles Blackman, for Alice lives in a world where anything can happen. She brought him freedom that naturally took him close to the essence of the story.

Charles Blackman is a great Romantic artist, a painter of dreams and emotions. Charles Blackman’s ‘Alice’ paintings made in the early 1950’s where among his first important works.

Lewis Carrols immortal words tell us the story set us sailing to Wonderland; Blackmans paintings give us the heart of Alice.

“The white Rabbit came into the kitchen and helped me cook the dinners” said artist Charles Blackman, who was working as a cook in a French restaurant in Melbourne when he painted his Alice in Wonderland series. “Then I would go home to my loft and paint The Rabbit and Alice”.

Golden Alice on a summer’s day, her heart full of dreams, is not surprised when cups and flowers and rabbits float by or where things constantly change into other things. How can she be? She is the “dream child” morning through a land of wonders and new.


Titles and sizes of the complete set of Alice series are as follows –

Always Tea Time – image 90x65cm sheet 105x76cm

Pink Alice – image 71.5×68.5cm sheet 105x75cm

Alice’s Jug – image 62.5x49cm sheet 76x56cm

The White Rabbit – image 68.5x49cm sheet 76x56cm

The Chess Game -image 63×79.5cm sheet 75x105cm

Alice’s Adventures – image 67x63cm sheet105x75cm

The series is all on 270gsm Velin Arches Paper

Email or Ph: 0413 007 054 about "The White Rabbit A.P" by CHARLES BLACKMAN

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