The Meeting

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This is a Charles Blackman Fine Art Limited edition archival rag mat paper print titled “The Meeting”, it is also available in a fine art Camvas version with an image size of 120x120cm, The meeting is made from the original Charles Blackman 1961 Oil Painting, It is Hand Signed lower right by Charles Blackman, “The Meeting” by Charles Blackman is available at Etching House framed or unframed, it is also available on 12 months lay Buy with 20% deposit , see Etching House terms and conditions.

This fine art Charles Blackman limited edition print is made on 300gsm quality archival Arches paper using archival pigment ink, the edition is limited to 125 only, shown in pencil lower left corner of fine art sheet.

Each 1961 Oil painting fine art limited edition reproduction print is hand signed by Charles Blackman and carries the Charles Blackman embossed logo showing in the lower left of the sheet.

Image size – 65 x 67 cm.

Paper size -76.5 x 77 cm.

Certificate of Authenticity available

Charles Blackman Canvas works are available for,

Alice in Wonderland with an image size of 120 x 106 cm,
Feet Beneath the Table, image size of 106 x 120 cm,
Alice Dreaming, image size of 90 x 133 cm,
The Meeting, image size of 120 x 120 cm,

These Canvas prints are hand signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Just released May 2018, the new Charles Blackman Master Works series containing 6 iconic Charles Blackman limited edition fine art archival pigment prints hand signed now available at Etching House, the series is titled “Charles Blackman Masterworks Series” the series is limited in edition to 190 only of each print to coincide with Charles Blackmans father’s age, titles of this Charles Blackman Master Series fine art prints are,
The Presentation,
Image Size: 900 mm x 680 mm,
Paper Size: 1120 mm x 790 mm,
Dreaming in the Street,
Image Size: 667 mm x 1000 mm,
Paper Size: 850 mm x 1120 mm,
The Blue Vase,
Image Size: 900 mm x 720 mm,
Paper Size: 1120 mm x 820 mm,
Dream Image,
Image Size: 720 mm x 800 mm,
Paper Size: 880 mm x 915 mm,
Image Size: 600 mm x 800 mm,
Paper Size: 770 mm x 915 mm,
The Drama,
Image Size: 900 mm x 670 mm,
Paper Size: 1120 mm x 790 mm,
Note, Each individual archival pigment print for the masterworks Series comes with it’s own letter of authenticity from the Blackman Foundation.
Charles no longer capable of signing full signature on large body of works
All works have been approved and initialled by the artist.
12 months Lay Buy is available on 20% deposit at Etching House for these fine art Charles Blackman Master Works print series titled, The Presentation, Dreaming in the Street, The Blue Vase, Dream Image, The Drama, Metamorphosis.

Email or Ph: 0413 007 054 about "The Meeting" by CHARLES BLACKMAN

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