Staircase of Flesh

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This a Garry Shead limited edition fine art etching print titled Staircase of Flesh, only $895, Edition is only 50. Released in April 2006 at the Art Fair Melbourne by Etching House, Image 24.5 x 31 cm.See the original Oil Painting taircase of Flesh from Sweet William on this Etching House site.

The Death and life of Ern Malley story commences circa 1940, Max Harris and John Reed launched a modernist magazine Angry Penguins which was the journal for the modernist movement. Poets, James McAuely and Harold Stewart, who apposed the movement where called up for armed service in Melbourne at the time and plotted a literary prank against the Angry Penguins group. They created a collection of internationally nonsensical poems from random pieces of obscure literature and invented a fictional author by the name of Ern Malley. the poems, titled The Darkening Ecliptic, where sent to the Angry Penguins accompanied by a letter from a second fictional character created by the two, by the name of Ethel (Erns sister). Ethel wrote that she had found the poems at her late brothers house. The poems where subsequently published in Angry Penguins with great enthusiasm by Harris and Reed who claimed them to be the work of a genius. The truth of the origins of the poems was quickly discovered by McAuley and Stewart and where delighted as the story made front page news. Garry Shead’s interest in this famous story of Australian art history began in the early 1960s and was further explored in the early 2000 in a series of Garry Shead drawings, paintings, etchings and ceramic works of Australian art,

Email or Ph: 0413 007 054 about "Staircase of Flesh" by GARRY SHEAD

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