Life Class (Evolution)


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John Olsen ‘Life Class (Evolution)’etching only 00

John Olsen Special Limited edition fine art etching titled – ‘Life Class (Evolution)’ released in 2013, the edition is limited only to 200. ‘Life Class (Evolution)’ is only available in one size being 35 x 49.5cm.

This special Etching titled EVOLUTION (2013) is a specially crafted etching by Dr John Olsen, (A.O., O.B.E), in association with COFA, College of Fine Arts, UNSW. This fine art etching print was made with master printmaker Michael Kempson, which encapsulates the players who are intimately involved in the making, creating and selling of drawing, painting, and printmaking.

John Olsen, through his generosity has produced this limited edition fine art etching titled ‘Life Class (Evolution)’ that would normally retail for $3,800 for a modest $1200 in celebration of the new COFA (College of Fine Arts), University of New South Wales.

“When the paper is peeled back from the plate, the inks are now telling me a different story.” – John Olsen

“On the far left you can see the artist with brush in hand, his wife advising him as to an approach. A female water colourist who formerly painted in oils is at front, above her is a contemplative student readying to make a mark. Behind him is an art dealer flush with cash and a muse/painter sizes up the three ‘fallen from grace’ Graces. Completing the print is a conceptual artist who stares at us as he ruminates over his future realisations.” – John Olsen

Email or Ph: 0413 007 054 about "Life Class (Evolution)" by JOHN OLSEN

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