Frog Pond 2017

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John Olsen hand made etching titled Frog Pond 2017 has now been made and hand signed, this edition of Frog Pond 2017 is limited to 20 prints only, the etching is a fine art limited edition hard ground line etching print, Frog Pond 2017 line etching by Australian artist John Olsen has an image size of 12.3×17 cm and is the same size as Dancing Frog 2017.

Frog Pond 2017 by Australian artist John Olsen the latest handmade fine art hard ground line etching, this limited edition of Frog Pond is made on 270 gsm Reeves BKF full fine art rag paper, a favorite archival paper of John Olsen and Max Miller.
Australian artist John Olsen hand signed Frog Pond 2017 etching is available at Etching House.

John Olsen handmade original etchings from Etching House, this list is dynamic, availability and prices may change without notice,

Afternoon 2004 Line Etching with Aquatint edition 40 size 29 X 30 cm, Shaped Plate, Temporally unavailable,
Art World 2005, 2 plate etching, made using 2 plates, 1xSoft ground Etching plate image size 46.5 x 63.5 cm, 1x Hard ground Etching plate used31.7 x 45.5 cm,
Edition size 30 only, this Two plate etching is printed on 270gsm Reeves rag paper ONE LEFT
LIFE CLASS 2006 Hard & Soft ground Etchings edition of 20 mixed sizes Boxed Set of 8 handmade hand signed etchings,
Artist & Fish Bowl 2006 Lithograph edition 30

Email or Ph: 0413 007 054 about "Frog Pond 2017" by JOHN OLSEN

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