Along The Nebine

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Hugh Sawrey print titled “Along The Nebine” is a Giclee fine art print on canvas made in 2008, available at Etching House stretched ready to hang, Dimensions 500x600cm, the edition is limited to 250 only. Each work will carry a Sawrey Copyright seal stamped on the back of each print, it will also be signed by Anthony Sawrey. Etching House.

The Highest Recorded Price for Hugh Sawrey was for Oil on Canvas on board, title “Quilty’s Men1972” 137x305cm.

Each Giclee Print Work is accompanied with a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

This document is to certify that the accompanying artwork is part of a limited edition painting series released in September 2008, these works have been produced with permission of the Sawrey family, this work has been made from the original painting by Hugh Sawrey. While Hugh Sawrey did release a few limited edition fine art prints nothing other than the original oil painting compares closely to the limited edition Giclee painting print. Signed: Anthony Sawrey.

Email or Ph: 0413 007 054 about "Along The Nebine" by HUGH SAWREY

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