At Etching House we say, “See beauty with your heart not your mind”

Paul Woolveridge – Australian Fine Art Photographer from Classic Photography Tumut and Riverina New South Wales certainly has done that with his Australian Colour Collection available at Etching House.

Paul Woolveridge from Classic Photography has a successful career spaning 37 years in fine art photography.

Paul Woolveridge specialises in Australian and International Fine Art Photography as well as commercial Photography in the fields of –

Weddings Photography, Landscape Photography, Portrait Photography, Commercial Photography,Promotion Photography, Events Photography,

Real Estate Photography, Product Launch Photography, Fashion Photography, JournalismPhotography, International Photographic Projects,

Insurance Investigation Photography, Building and Construction Photography,

City Council Photography and yes Plain Passionate Magic Moment Photography.

Gift Certificates – (Great Gift idea) Tumut and Riverina District at Classic Photography Christmas Gift ideas,

Camera Lesson Workshops – (One on One or Groups) all types and all size cameras are welcome, Film Digital, SLR, or point and shoot model cameras. Bring your manual N and camera along to Paul Woolveridge at Classic photography Tumut, and will show you how to use your Camera to its potential in just a few quick vert affordable lessons.

At Etching House when we say, “See beauty with your heart not your mind”

Paul Woolveridge from Classic Photography is a professional Fine Art Photographer that dose it all with passion and 37 years of talent as his Australian Colour Collection on display at Etching House clearly shows.

Paul Woolveridge from Classic Photography today owns and operates his own gallery in a special place he considers to be Gods country called, Tumut New South Wales or as he calls it – “Nirvana”, Paul has a great range of quality and very affordable works on display which he ships all around the world, a master photographer, and excellent post production specialist in his own way.

Paul Woollveridge is known as Classic Photography Tumut, servicing Photography needs inAdelong, Gundagai, Tumbarumba, Batlow, Wagga Wagga and the Riverina district as far as Albury, Temora, Young, Yass, as well as Canberra and Queanbeyan.

Expressing ourselves with what we see though the eye of a camera and doing it passionately is a gift we all have if we are willing to unleash our own creative skills, talk to Paul and he can help you unlock that passion with easy and amazing results.

Camera Lessons, If you’re a first timer or an enthusiast it’s easy to become that passionate photographer, Paul Woolveridge offers one on one or group classes (Very Affordable Rates) demonstrating the finer technique of photography and more importantly how to get the best out of your camera while having fun at the same time.

Bring your Camera, Tripod, memory card and spare battery with pen and paper and be prepared for and incredible easy learning experience that will change the way you take your pictures for ever.

Paul Woolveridge with 27 years experience in Film and 10 years in Digital Photography has a unique skill in capturing and processing that magic moment using simple and practical cutting edge technology witch is something Paul is very proud of as he dose it very well.

Paul Woolveridge for 15 years owned and operated one of Sydney’s most successful Wedding Photography services paul Woolveridge is widely experienced in Wedding Photography, LandscapePhotography, Portrait Photography, Commercial Photography, Special Promotion Photography,Special Events Photography,

Real Estate Photography, Product Launch Photography, Fashion Photography, JournalistPhotography, Insurance Investigation Photography, Building and Construction Photography,Plain Passion Magic Moment Photography

Paul Woolveridge fine art photography at Etching House.

Etching House for Fine art Photography and prints by Paul Wollveridge, Robert Billington, David Oliver.