Tango Lesson


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This limited edition fine art original etching titled Tango 1 (One) is from the famous Tango series; its success saw a further release of equally brilliant etchings such as Tango 2 (two) Tango 3 (three) Tango 4 (four).


The Tango Dance etching series was very successful for Garry Shead and Etching House who had sold quite a lot of these limited edition etchings.


The Tango series to day is very hard to find, Garry Shead followed on with several other highly successful etching works one being the Ern Malley series and others like The Horseman series, Monarchy series, to name a few.


Garry Shead has published Books titled The D.H. Lawrence Paintings, Encounters with Royalty, The Erotic Muse and soon to be released The Ern Malley series book which will be available from Etching House.


Garry Shead has released etchings relating to some of his famous oil paintings however each with a unique difference. Etching House has the largest single collection in Australia.


Etching House believes Garry Shead is one of the best artist and etchers to come out of Australia for a long time; Garry is with out doubt world class. Garry Shead has as you may see on the Etching House web site released a new Limited Edition book containing three of the most beautiful original etchings from the highly successful and brilliant Ern Malley Series, the book is titled The Apotheosis of Ern Malley and all at only $3300 Book Inclusive, yes inclusive, this book has many images of his work and is a wonderful place to just hide away and enjoy yourself.


Etching House recently promoted the Garry Shead book The Apotheosis of Ern Malley at the Melbourne Art 07 Fair with great success, Etching House always has stock on hand,

Email or Ph: 0413 007 054 about "Tango Lesson" by GARRY SHEAD

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