Red Garden

2004 Screenprint 60x84cm [BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE]

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This art work by Charles Blackman is titled  – Red Garden.

Charles Blackman was born in Sydney on 12 August 1928. He left school at thirteen and worked as an illustrator with the Sydney Sun newspaper while attending night classes at East Sydney Technical College (1943-46) under Hayward Veal. Etching House is proud to carry and sell his works for some time now; Charles has stoped painting for some time now. In 1946-8 he met Lois Hunter, a poet from New Zealand and a member of the Wellington avant-garde, who introduced him to the work of many writers and artists, including Arthur Rimbaud and T.S.Eliot. He also met Barbara Patterson, another poet, who became his wife in 1951. Blackman moved to Melbourne in 1950 where he married Barbara, worked as a cook and practiced his art when he could. His situation changed when he received the patronage of John Reed- leading to several exhibitions. This was the time he painted his series Schoolgirls & Alice in Wonderland. In 1959 he was a signatory to the Antipodean Manifesto, a statement protesting the dominance of abstract expressionism. The Antipodeans were a group of 7 Australian figurative artists which included Charles Blackman, Arthur Boyd, David Boyd, John Brack, Robert Dickerson, John Perceval and Clifton Pugh. Art historian Bernard Smith was an eighth member All except Dickerson were Melbourne-based. Awards 1997 OBE 1963 Georges Invitation Art Prize, Georges Gallery Melbourne (one painting and one drawing) 1960 Helena Rubin stein Scholarship, Melbourne 1960 George Crouch Prize, Ballarat Fine Art Gallery 1960 Wins prize. A. Shore, The Age (February) 1958 George Crouch Prize, Ballarat Fine Art Gallery 1958 Rowney prize, Richmond Gallery Melbourne

Email or Ph: 0413 007 054 about "Red Garden" by CHARLES BLACKMAN