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David Bromley fine art at Etching House.

David Bromley was born in Sheffield, England in 1960 and immigrated to Australia with his family in 1964. Bromley emerged as a painter in the mid1980s. In the early stages of his career, he held solo exhibitions in Sydney and Adelaide and represented works in state and regional galleries which have included finalists in the Archibald Prize in 1999, 2001 and 2004. In his practice, David Bromley has developed themes for two distinct and unique styles of painting; the female portrait and the children’s series. In the portrait series, Bromley explores the female form. Commonly, the paintings are life size poses, whether provocative or demure, of models from fashion and film. The portraits are commanding and seductive, the models attractive and bare breasted. Works by David Bromley appear in collections around Australia including Art bank, Art Gallery of South Australia, Art Gallery of Western Australia, and the National Gallery of Victoria. This piece is part of one of David Bromley’s first ever Limited Edition screen-print series.

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Email or Ph: 0413 007 054 about "David Bromley Artist" by DAVID BROMLEY

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