Container Train Framed

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“Container train in the landscape” is a fine art limited edition Giclee print by Australian iconic artist Jeffrey Smart, the image shown here at Etching House is of a part of the  Framed Container Train print, it shows the Jeffrey Smart copyright digital signature in the lower right, each Jeffrey Smart works has this copyright logo or digital signature seen on the left lower corner, see the next image, these digital Jeffrey Smart Images are NOT hand signed hence the price, Container Train is available at Etching House Framed or unframed.

The partial showing framed image shows the 42mm by 35mm white timber molding, this particular image size is a custom frame; the work is over 1.8 meters long and requires oversize sheets to be framed properly.

To estimate the finished framed size as a rule add 10 cm all round.

Etching House relies on a specialist framer with very competitive pricing; if uncertain on framing and or technique of framing then its best to see your own framer or find one in your local area.


Delivery of Jeffrey Smart Container Train in the metro area is free if possible, Etching House ship Jeffrey Smart fine art limited edition etchings and prints all over Australia.

The Logo above is Jeffrey Smart‘s copyright logo signature, the signature appearing on the lower right is not hand signed or the price would be relative.

We are proud to help the work of Jeffrey Smart now readily available in the market place find a place in Australian Homes, Etching House has been successful in promoting many Australian Iconic artist works like Norman Lindsay, Garry Shead, John Olsen and now proudly Jeffrey Smart in reaching the Australian community, there is not a lot of money in these works but we love what we do, we do what we love. Etching House is not the printer, please note the printing is done by a qualified professional printer of Jeffrey Smart’s own choice or representative and all works are strictly numbered and controlled under copyright law.


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These works are limited edition Fine Art quality digital reproduction images of his original painting works- The edition is printed on very high quality rag paper using pigment archival ink; all of the Jeffrey Smart series are digitally signed & blind embossed with the Artist’s estate, all works are under copyright to Jeffrey Smart and come with a certificate of authenticity upon request.


These iconic and stunning images make a wonderful enjoyable collectors piece, the works are vibrant and striking in real life, as the internet doesn’t do justice to the quality of work shown in this collection.


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Jeffrey Smart ORIGINAL PAINTING Autobahn in the Black Forest II, 1979- 1980 sold for $1,020,000 (IBP) Auction Deutecher and Hackett 2011 setting a new record for Jeffrey Smart.




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Jeffrey Smart limited edition works of fine art prints, etchings, silk-screens has been a medium format used for a long time also by many other Australian Artists.




With the advent of new technology from the digital world, (that Australians have embraced incredibly well), has made some new processes possible in the art world.




The use of fine art rag mat paper and quality pigment ink are still the key ingredients.


The original capture of the work being produced is by high tech digital means, or film in some cases.


The product source is a new original work of art, or original paintings from the archive of a life time’s work.


The objective is usually to build an affordable range of fine art prints that are produced digitally for efficiency, cost and quality.




In the case of Jeffrey Smart, Norman Lindsay, John Olsen, Margaret Olley, Tim Storrier to mention a few (as an example), it has been their objective to share with  the public an accessible body of art works as well as to broaden their archive body of works for the future generations to enjoy.




Let’s face it; most of the original paintings by many of the iconic Australian artists are in private collections often never to be seen again by the public.




The one thing that Etching House is passionate about is that the works or art are represented for what they are, each type of work and medium has its place, by price, by medium, by artist and as one may rightly assume there is not a lot of money in these fine art digital reproductions.


When one considers the costs, the true benefit is for the public to be able to enjoy and afford a representation of their favourite iconic Australian artist of their choice, where as previously it was nearly impossible or unaffordable to obtain such archive body of work.




Etching House is in business for the love and passion of Etchings, prints, and digital reproduction prints, it is the best way Etching House can share the world of fine art with the wider Australian public. Etching House specialist in Jeffrey Smart fine art etchings and prints.


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Record for Frank Jeffrey Edson Smart, Autobahn in the Black Forest II, 1979-80 Oil and synthetic polymer paint on canvas, signed lower right: Jeffrey Smart, 100 x 65 cm, sold for a record  Australian $1,020,000 Melbourne, 20/04/2011,


Record for Frank Jeffrey Edson Smart, Holiday 1971 Oil on canvas, signed lower right, Jeffrey Smart, inscribed verso, Holiday, 100 x 81 cm, sold at auction for a record Australian $960,000 Sydney, 24/06/2010.


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Etching House and Jeffrey Smart Art –


It has been the objective of Etching House to share the archive of work of Frank Jeffrey Edson Smart with the Australian public as has Etching Hose successfully done with Norman Lindsay, the archive of affordable work available in today’s market will see the future of Jeffrey Smart and Norman Lindsay works being enjoyed by future generations to come, Etching House is proud to have the privilege of doing this with the beautiful fine art by these iconic Australian artists.

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