Arm Full of life

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Michael Leunig engraving etching titled Hand full of life is a handmade engraving signed Leunig, it is limited in edition to 90 only, Michael Leunig Engraving Etchings Lay Buys Welcome, and the Hand full of life image size is 18×22.5cm with a rag paper sheet size of 35x37cm.

Limited edition fine art handmade engraving or etching prints by Michael Leunig should not to be confused with giclee inkjet reproduction prints, please see below some explanations as to what is an engraving and etching.

Etching and engraving are both forms of intaglio printing, which is defined by the cutting of lines into a flat surface. Although the method of producing these lines is different, the printing process is identical. The plate is inked and wiped clean, leaving ink only in the etched or engraved lines. The plate is then pressed against a sheet of paper to transfer the inked image. The deeper the line, the more ink it holds and the darker it prints. Etchings and engravings both print in reverse, so the artist must draw the image in reverse when working with these media.

Email or Ph: 0413 007 054 about "Arm Full of life" by MICHAEL LEUNIG

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