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This is a limited edition 1984 Norman Lindsay Facsimile Etching titled “Virtue”, it has been sold out for some time; Etching House has this image available from time to time, image size is 32.3 x 26.5 cm, information as to the original works can be found in the book titled Norman Lindsay Etchings: Catalogue Raisonn√©, 2006, cat.227)

Here is a little background to this etching and its subject matter – Hugh McCrae associated Virtue with Keats:
Virtue, without any doubt, is the most wonderfully beautiful picture I have ever seen. Essentially a poet’s vision; I cannot imagine any dream-translation approaching so closely the actual adventure of the mind. The nearest earthly achievement would perhaps be allowed to John Keats whose spirit I think must have rejoiced at the begetting and birth of his loveliest creation. It is of our other world “Immortal subject for immortal eyes.” The spade-fingered mechanics of art will be so blinded by its heavenly fire as that they shall not even dare to utter their accustomed blasphemies.

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