Truck Overtaking

Silkscreen, Almost Sold Out 2 left only [BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE]

Truck Overtaking by Jasper Knight has just been completed, the new works was released in 2009 with a limited edition of 30 only, and this hand made Silkscreen fine art print has almost sold out, the image size is 57x57cm.

Etching House has only 2 left in stock framed.

Quote by Jasper Knight – “My work has always straddled painting and the constructed object. In the past, my materials have added to the narrative content, or sometimes to the context, of the depicted scenes. My recent work has explored this relationship between material and subject, between constructed object and painted surface, in a more abstract way. The subject matter, from wharves to cars, from chairs to landscape, helps explore these binary concerns and is treated in a highly architectural and linear way.” Jasper Knight

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