The Curtain

Limited Edition Painting, 52.2 x 41 cm 1992 $440 [BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE]


52.2 x 41.0 cm

Published: 1992

Edition: 600

Original medium: Watercolour

Reference: Norman Lindsay: Watercolours 1897-1969 (Odana Editions, 2003, p.62)

Norman Lindsay original watercolour painting has been faithfully reproduced in a fine art limited edition art print and is available at Etching House.

The Curtain, painted in 1921, is an excellent demonstration of Norman Lindsay’s fascination with the intricacies of depicting skin textures against fabric. A simpler composition than Where War Ends, its rich colour conveys a feeling, as one writer put it, of ‘sumptuous intimacy’.

Rose also modelled the central figure in this work which she refused to sell. During the many years she lived at Springwood it hung in the living room (always to the left of the French doors).

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Copyright © Norman Lindsay