The Arrival

Collagraph, 65 x85 cm [BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE]

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Garry Shead limited edition works on paper Collagraph titled “The Arrival”, and is from his famous D.H. Lawrence series, image size of 65 x85 cm.

Garry Shead D.H. Lawrence series consisted of many OIL paintings and Etching’s, as well as several Collagraph work’s, they are – The Supper, The Wave, Thirroul, Checkmate, Awakening and Arrival, these Collagraph’s where released in a limited edition of only 80, they have been sold out for some time, resale stock is available from time to time, these Collagraph works have appreciated in value over the past 3 to 6 years.  The same titled works Checkmate, Awakening and Arrival, The Supper, The Wave, Thirroul where also done as small black and white etching’s showing Garry Shead’s incredible talent for Aquatint work, to day they are extremely hard to find, Etching House has several of these etchings which are from a private collection.

Garry Shead In 1968, while on a trip to the Sepik Highlands in Papua New Guinea came across an edition of letters by D.H. Lawrence, these letters, Lawrence had written from Australia.

Garry Shead’s passion for D.H. Lawrence work grew into an obsession even to the point where he reinterpreted many of Lawrence’s paintings.

Email or Ph: 0413 007 054 about "The Arrival" by GARRY SHEAD

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