Surfer’s Bondi 1963

Paper 63.9x52cm [BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE]

Surfer’s Bondi 1963 by Jeffrey Smart at Etching House, This image is of the original oil painting by Jeffrey Smart, this image is a Hi end quality Australian Fine Art limited edition re production, the image is made on high quality Arches paper, Surfer’s Bondi 1963 is digitally signed  Jeffrey Smart, a embossed copyright seal from the Artist’s is stamped on the lower left corner, it comes complete with certificate of authenticity.

Surfer’s Bondi 1963 comes in only 2 sizes, small 63.9x52cm and large is 89.1×71.8cm 

Etching House offers a Lay Buy plan with no fees for Surfer’s Bondi 1963,

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Copyright © Jeffrey Smart