Flame Tree Pulpit Rock

Collagraph 1992 [BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE]

This Art work titled Flame Tree Cockatoo Pulpit Rock is a hand made Collagraph by Arthur Boyd SLR released in 1992 was a limited edtion of 70 only and has been sold out for some time, Etching House has 2 only, one is an edition number and one is A/P artist proof both are in Mint condition and come with certificate of authenticity and clear title.

The release price of these two artworks by Arthur Boyd was significantly less than its current RRP of $12,000, it is a very unique iconic piece, Arthur Boyd loved it so much he revised this highly successful series by adding an Australian Cockatoo to the image, the prior version was with out the Cockatoo titled Flame Tree Pulpit Rock, it is also $12000, which Etching House only have only.

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Copyright © Arthur Boyd