The Dream Merchant 1st edition

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Norman Lindsay limited edition facsimile etching titled The Dream Merchant 1st sate will be available 24th March 2010 from Etching House. Lay Buy welcome from 10% deposit. The edition is 550 and will sell quickly, theimage size is 20.3×25.3cm


The first edition in 1920 of the original etching titled The Dream Merchant by Norman Lindsay was definitely put out for sale, although Rose Lindsay noted on the Australian owned number one the only one in existence, except proofs, all others of this edition where destroyed in NY train fire.

Edition numbers four and six are also in private collections in Australia.

In the second edition the standing nude to the left of the central group has been replaced by a curtain. Norman obscured the figure by close, dense lines, which resulted in an improved composition.

Norman Lindsay Facsimile etching titled The Dream Merchant is available at Etching House, lay buy welcome.

Close examination of the second edition of the original etching titled The Dream Merchant shows,

While Norman Lindsay was producing these original etchings c1920 he was painting watercolours and drawing works in pen and ink.

Norman Lindsay would not have coloured an etching either then or in the future.

The two original limited edition etching titled The Dream merchant 1st edition, and the second titled The Dream Merchant 2nd state, are from the one and the same plate.

Norman Lindsay Facsimilie etching print titled The Dream Merchant ist edition is one of 120 diffrent etching prints available through Etching House.


Norman Lindsay original etching titled The Dream Merchant 1st edition and The Dream Merchant 2nd state may be found in theNorman Lindsay Etching Catalogue Raisonne cat.202.

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