Court of Peacocks

Limited Edition Painting, 39 x 58.3 1997, $330 [BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE]

This is a Limited edition Norman Lindsay print of his Oil Painting titled Court to Peacocks, it is stamped and comes complete with a Copyright certificate of authenticity,

Court of Peacocks is one of the few oil paintings of the 1920s, is a beautiful picture which was painted by Norman to hang in the living room at Springwood. Rose posed for all four figures and the jardinière is still in the garden at Springwood. This painting encompasses an amazing range of colour. The opalescence of the flesh tones contrasts with the rich peacock blue/green of the brocade gown adjacent to the peacock. Court to Peacocks, painted in 1927, was exhibited in The Legendary Lindsay’s exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 1995

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Copyright © Norman Lindsay