Container Train in the Landscape 1983-84

Paper - sheet size 28.2x184.6cm [BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE]

Etching House for Jeffrey Smart limited edition painting titled Container Train in Landscape 1983-8, sheet size 28.2×184.6cm,available from Etching House.

This work is a Hi End Quality Limited Edition Fine Art Reproduction print of the original Jeffrey Smart Oil Painting, the edition is limited to 499 only; each piece has the artists seal shown on the lower right. Upon request a certificate of authenticity is available.

Etching House has Container Train in the Landscape in stock. Etching House has a 12 months Lay Buy program available with no fees.

Etching House ship unframed Jeffrey Smart work titled Container Train in the Landscape Fee in Australia. The original painting is referenced in the Jeffrey Smart book titled Retrospective Jeffrey Smart which is available in the book department of the New South Wales art Gallery. It may also be found in the publication titled Drawings and Studies 2001.

Fine art limited edition print reproduced under copyright titled “Container Train in the landscape” is only available in one size at Etching House.

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