BOOK – Apotheosis Of Ern Malley

Inclusive of 3 original etchings. $3300 [BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE]

The Apotheosis of Ern Malley – Author: Garry Shead

Lay Buys are welcome from 10 to 20% deposit and subject to the amount can be up to 12 months.

Available: from Etching House the book contains many beautiful images of Garry Shead drawings and works from the highly successful Ern Malley Series, in addition there are 3 original etchings loose in the book that may be lifted out to frame if desired.

These 3 original etchings and the book are all numbered as a set and signed by Garry Shead.

The book complete with three original etchings sells for $3300 at the moment. The edition is limited to 100 plus Artist Proofs, talk to Rolf on 0413 007 054

Call Rolf on 0413 007 054 or click here to email about this work

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