Bird Nest


Michael Leunig Original Etching, Bird Nest is available from Etching House, $2500 unframed, it is from a private collection and a certificate of authenticity is available.

This work has been unavailable for some time now; we have two only available at Etching House. Note Prices may vary from time to time,Delivery in Australia for unframed works is FREE.  .

The edition was limited to 125, Image 39.5×49.5cm Paper 73x71cm.

Lay Bys – Payment Plans are welcome and are interest FREE.

Michael Leunig –

While we at Etching House and most Australians are familiar with Michael Leunig – Leunig’s work few people could tell you anything about the man and yet through his cartoons and art work, poems, we seem to know everything about him.

By all accounts he is indeed shy, gentle and pensive, and his work reveals him to be cynical, witty, sensitive, deeply spiritual, emotionally precarious, at times depressed and always insightful. He has been described as a dysfunctional genius perhaps. Michael Leunig simultaneously defines and defies most Australian stereotypes, we should be thankful?

Enjoy, Etching House.

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