Basket of Oranges Lemons and Jug

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NEW FINE ART Hnad signed, limited edition, Giclee Digital reproduction PRINT RELEASE by Australian artist Margaret Olley “Basket of Oranges Lemons and Jug” at Etching House.

This latest release of  Margaret Olley fine art print titled “Basket of Oranges Lemons and Jug” is in stock at Etching House 1st of March 2011, this fine art print work comes in 2 sizes,

Large – Sheet Size 72x92cm, image 60x80cm IN STOCK

Extra large -Sheet Size 92x116cm, image 76x100cm IN STOCK.

The edition size of “Basket of Oranges Lemons and Jug” by Margaret Olley is Large 150 only, Extra Large is 250 only, all fine art prints are signed by Margaret Olley and dated.

Original expected delivery date was February 2011 but due to the detailed work involved it was delayed for launch till 1st of March 2011.

A certificate of authenticity is supplied with each work upon request.

This fine art print is a copyright limited edition reproduction of Margaret Olleys original Oil Painting

“Basket of Oranges Lemons and Jug” and is made on one hundred percent archive rag matt paper  using pigment archival ink. Each fine art print wokr is hand signed.

Orders all ready placed, limited stock, lay buy is welcome 20% deposit, 12 months to pay.

Margaret Olley digital fine art reproduction Giclee print hand signed by Margaret Olley has been well received in Melbourne Affordable Etching House annual fair May 2012 Royal Exhibition Building Carlton Victoria – art show.

The 150 limited edition Margaret Olley “Basket of Oranges Lemons and Jug” has proven to be a successful edition, the extra large version of “Basket of Oranges Lemons and Jug” fill a great space on any wall and is affordable at Etching House.

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Copyright © Margaret Olley AC, AO